About the Author

Desiree Evans is a Christian Author/ Novelist. Desiree has just published her debut novel, Her Divine Destiny. Her prayer is that this novel will inspire, encourage, and uplift women of every age, and ethnicity, to have faith in God’s grace, and the love of Jesus Christ to give you the victory over any circumstance.

Desiree’s raised her children practically as a single-working Mom. She understands, and has great insight into what the struggle is like for these very courageous women. Today, Desiree has been blessed to achieve an Associate of Science Degree in Criminal Justice; as well as Bachelor of Science Degree w/Honors from Ashworth College. She minored in Mediation and Conflict Resolution at Lakewood College. Desiree has been an elected member of Delta Epsilon Tau International Honors Society, since 2010.

The Lord has blessed her with a ministry of prayer, as a Prayer Warrior. Desiree is a baptized believer, and servant of Jesus Christ.. Desiree also feels very blessed to be a wife, mother, and grandmother. Her hobbies include writing, and she loves baking and decorating cupcakes.

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